If you own a piece of “Heavy Equipment” whether it be a semi truck, construction equipment or other type, you know all too well that it’s not cheap to maintain and repair it. You also are aware that the Dealer usually has one of the highest hourly labor rates in the area. I’m happy to say that our hourly shop rate is $40.00 less than the local Dealers. And we pass that savings directly to you, our customer.

I was in a dealer awhile back picking up parts and I overheard an irate customer complaining about a $295.00 diagnostic fee, turns out he saw that the tech had his tractor hooked up for only 15 minutes, he was hot. So upset that the service writer had to call the manager out to handle the customer. The manager showed absolutely no compassion and in fact told the customer “the fee was the fee, period”. The manager went on to explain that (in a nutshell) the dealership had to cover their overhead somehow and this is one way they do it. In my opinion the manager did a poor job handling his customer.

We all know there is currently a parts shortage, hopefully you are not caught up in this mess. Again I’m happy to say that our shop is not severely impacted by this problem. Being a small shop we can use any parts supplier in the world if we desire, unlike dealers who are restricted to their suppliers that have negotiated steep discounts.

When was the last time you took your truck to a dealer and got it back the same day? It
happens every day at our shop. You bring it in (or we’ll pick it up!), we fix it (at our shop or your yard!), and you pick it up (or we deliver it!).

So why use a small shop, let’s summarize:
1. Reasonable hourly rates.
2. Unrestricted parts availability.
3. Quicker turnaround time on your vehicle.

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See you soon!