Ever have an employee come up to you and say, “I can’t take that truck because the tags are expired?” Expired registration is one of the main causes for truck downtime. Sounds ridiculous but it’s true. Some big fleets have a very difficult time, every year, getting tags to each vehicle.

Work trucks are assets meant to generate income for your company. When they don’t run for whatever reason, your company is losing money. And we all know the rent, electricity, and every other bill is still due on the 1st!

How to accurately measure the cost of downtime varies with each company. Industry studies have determined that downtime can range from $500 to $900.00 daily. If your drivers or crews travel out of town, you may be looking at huge travel expenses (hotels, meals, per diem) while they sit idly, costing, not generating money. Any profit you expect has now been considerably reduced.

Accidents are another cause for truck downtime. Do you have a safety program that requires employee attendance? During your safety meetings be sure to discuss accident prevention measures as well as any accidents that have recently occurred. Remember that the driver can be your first line of defense in keeping your truck on the road, with good driving habits and proper pre/post trip inspections.

Turnaround time is extremely important once your truck does go down. Does your service provider work hard to get the repairs done and get that vehicle back to you in a timely fashion? Each day it sits at their shop is one less day it can generate billable revenue for your company. Be sure you have a viable Preventative Maintenance Program in place with a reputable local shop (or in-house). This will help to extend vehicle life span and reduce emergency breakdowns. Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance can help you with a good PM program for your fleet.