Have your drivers been involved in a rash of parking lot accidents lately? If so you are not alone. When it comes to accidents the big focus is usually on traffic collisions out on our highways and roads. But are you aware that two-thirds of all collisions happen in parking lots? And they can be just as expensive to mitigate as a highway accident depending on the damage. Once an accident occurs the reports and paperwork begin with Safety, Management and HR folks all involved. Was the accident DOT Reportable? Has the driver been involved in other accidents or issues recently? Was the driver backing (100% preventable )? Have there been other accidents at this location? All good questions that should be answered during the accident review.

The good news here is that with some simple training many of these accidents can be
prevented in the future:

1. Put some policies in place, if a certain location has constant problems ban the drivers from that location or put time constraints on that location. If it’s a customer location perhaps the customer can assist your driver at that location.
2. Are the accidents related to backing? We’ve all heard of GOAL but do your drivers practice this?
3. The number one cause of these accidents is of course distracted driving: texting, cell phone use or eating.
4. Implement a training program and then hold the driver accountable. Enforce this by getting out and doing “unannounced observations” where you observe your driver’s behavior to be sure they are following all the company safety rules.
5. Keep your vehicles in good working order by requiring your driver’s to do pre/post trip inspections.

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