This week the CVSA announced results from it’s Operation Safe Driver Week which took place July 12-18 2020. Enforcement officers “interacted ”with over 29,000 commercial drivers in that time frame throughout the United States and Canada.

Speeding was the top focus with commercial drivers receiving over 4600 citations for speeding and other violations. Over 1000 citations were issued for failure to use a seat belt. Once the traffic stop begins, the officer starts inspecting the vehicle for items such as expired tags, inoperable lamps and other noticeable equipment violations. In May of this year enforcement officers placed 1600 commercial vehicles out of service for critical brake related
items during a similar operation. If your driver is stopped, a properly maintained vehicle will help keep fines and delays to a minimum. Pre/Post trips will go a long way to assist in this area. Be sure to hold your drivers accountable for their daily inspections.

The CVSA also included passenger vehicles in their inspections. As the CVSA reports, when a passenger vehicle is involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, regardless of fault, it may end “catastrophically” for the passenger vehicle.

The idea behind these events is to heighten awareness: Safety, Safety, Safety! Do your drivers practice safe distancing while driving? Do they leave an “Out”? Do they always wear their seat belt? What is your company policy for cell phone use while driving? Commercial drivers are prohibited from using a hand held device while operating a vehicle. Employers can be fined up to $11,000.00 for allowing or requiring an employee to use a hand held device while driving. Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance can keep your commercial vehicles properly maintained and safe by providing scheduled maintenance and inspections.
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