Whether your truck just broke down or it’s time for service, you will need to make some decisions about buying parts. As time goes on this decision becomes more difficult and time consuming because more options are available. Everyone wants the best bang for the buck so we “shop” parts not only for cost but also for value. We stand behind what we install on your truck.
As the customer, ultimately it’s up to you what you want installed on your truck, you know your truck and operation better than we do. So you ask yourself what is the best part to install, genuine, rebuilt, after market?
Points to consider:

  1. Do I plan on replacing this truck any time soon?
  2. How old is this truck?
  3. What is this truck worth?
  4. How many miles are on this truck?

As responsible shop owners we would suggest that you consider more than just the cost of a part. If the part is relatively inexpensive to begin with, this decision can be made pretty quickly. If you are about to spend upwards of $500.00 or so, take your time and consider the above mentioned questions. We will help you make the right decision for your truck, your fleet and your budget. As much as we like you to visit our shop we don’t want you back because a part failed prematurely! You won’t be happy and neither will we.
We have some customers that assist in the parts shopping exercise which can be educational for the customer and helpful to us. We will usually have more sources than the customer and will gladly make suggestions based on those sources. Point being we’ll work as a team to get you up and running for the best possible parts value. Give us a call 909-270-4328.