Our shop Services and Repairs a wide array of Vehicles and Equipment. Our number one mission is to please our customers, no matter what it takes. To accomplish this our Diesel Technicians must be willing to accept the challenge of working on anything that comes through the door. And we’ve had some strange pieces come in!

Our techs must be seasoned, open minded, experienced professionals and we are lucky enough to have just that on our staff. But it’s not easy getting there. We spent over two hours on the first interview of our last hire. And it paid off, he is a great fit for our shop and much happier being with us. Happy Techs equal longevity, less hiring and a more stable shop.

All of our Mechanics are ASE Certified. We have pre screening questionnaires, one of which asks about ASE Certification. Interestingly many techs have held ASE Certs only to let them expire once obtained. Renewing is pretty easy and is a requirement to work with us. We have monthly meetings with our network (Fleet Services International) of dealers. The meeting is chaired by our training dealership. We constantly share ideas about attracting the right talent. One “tool” we have passed on to the network is an assessment test geared towards hiring Diesel Techs. It scores your potential hire based on his/her behavioral traits. It’s really tough to hide bad behavior. The assessment is also peppered with technical scenarios that the mechanic must answer correctly.

We post our openings with a major job board who in turn posts our openings on several other boards. During our last network meeting someone mentioned they were using a site called “Find A Wrench”. Others use their payroll service that has an HP Dept. capable of advertising and screening candidates.

Whatever method you use, be sure to match your prospective hire with your shop values and technology. Test or gauge for diagnostic abilities, mechanical aptitude and behavioral skills to ensure the best hire. Happy Hiring!

To check out our staff’s Diesel Service and Repair abilities give us a call at 909-270-4328.

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