Everywhere you turn in the trucking industry these days you can’t help but see articles about electric vehicles (EV’s). Admittedly it may be a great thing for the environment, less of a carbon footprint but what “typical” truck operation could afford to switch to electric vehicles? On the automotive front, GM announced the electrification of their entire line of luxury brand Cadillac. About 17% of GM dealers decided to terminate the Cadillac brand rather than invest in infrastructure required to stock it.

Financially speaking the cautious approach would be to first lease or rent if you intend to introduce electric vehicles to your fleet. Even still you will be required to invest in your facility in order to charge the vehicles. Many states are offering grants to ease the financial burden of the transition. If you lease, the lessor should be able to assist you with available grants. On the operational side, what is the practical application for the electric truck? Could you start off with a fixed route close to your terminal? The number one concern: range anxiety, how far will vehicle travel and still return home on one charge? Or is there a charging station en route? How does the loaded weight of the truck affect draining the charge? All questions needing to be answered with any alternative fuel vehicle.

Mechanically speaking there are less repairs to do to an EV. Even so, if you purchase you will need to train your techs how to work on this equipment. What about the new tools required to work on EV’s? Will you require your techs to purchase new tools or will you provide in house equipment.

We will continue to watch the trend developing on EV’s with much interest. We want to be ready to help our customers with repairs and maintenance once they decide to purchase. Please give us a call 909-270-4328 if we can assist you with any repairs or service to your fleet.