DPF filter with ash build up

Are you looking for more horsepower, increased fuel efficiency and fewer regens? One sure fire way to obtain all three is to keep your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) filter in top condition. There seems to be a lot of misinformation out there on maintaining the filtering system. Many drivers just wait for the regen light to come on, perform a regen and go again. It’s been determined that regenerations may compound the problem by leaving behind ash in the system, creating back pressure and reducing power and MPG.The regen process goes after soot, not the ash. The dash regen light only knows to tell you to regen but can’t tell you “why”. If the light is popping on frequently it’s time for a cleaning. Once the ash builds up to a certain point the only way to eliminate the ash is to remove the DPF filter and clean it.

The fact is there’s no way to accurately determine when a filter cleaning is needed due to so many variables. So the smart way is to be proactive: remove the filter and have it cleaned at regular intervals. If you keep your trucks in good shape a rule of thumb would be to have the DPF Filter cleaned annually. And DPF cleaning will extend the life of the filter. If you run in cold weather or idle excessively you may need to clean the DPF filter more often. Additionally experts say if you have over 400,000 miles on your truck the filter may need to be replaced. IE Fleet can help you with DPF problems. We use a service that has a proprietary process that restores the filter to “90% of it’s new condition”. So give us a call at 909-270-4328 BEFORE the regeneration light comes on. Or visit us online at iefleet.com.

Happy Trucking!