Let me count the ways:

Emergency Breakdowns

The last thing anyone wants is their truck and employees stranded on the side of the road waiting for a repair, or worse, THE WRECKER. Factoring in downtime, repairs and towing, your breakdown could easily cost hundreds of dollars.


You don’t pay your employees to sit on the side of the road. They should be out doing their job (generating income for the company). And, keep in mind, they expect to be working, not broken down and dealing with THAT frustration. They will now be way behind schedule, and once the truck IS repaired they still have a full day’s work ahead of them.
The entire time your driver is sitting, your customer is wondering where the truck is. So not only are you dealing with an unplanned emergency, you could be jeopardizing that hard earned relationship with your customer. Keep in mind that emergency repairs, by nature, will cost much more out-of- pocket than an ordinary repair. You will pay a call-out fee, mileage, and possibly a tow bill.
The answer? A preventative maintenance program!

Premature Wear

Who wants to buy a new truck before it’s absolutely necessary? They ARE nice and everything, with that new car smell, but the extra expense of payments on a new truck eats into profits that are hard enough to come by in the first place. If you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and change the oil, all other fluids, and replace worn parts routinely, you will increase the lifespan of your vehicle. Yes, it may cost a bit more up front, but in the long run you will save money.
The answer? A PM (preventive maintenance) program!

If your truck is involved in an accident and is deemed unsafe, the investigation could partially focus on maintenance. If you do not have a maintenance program in place, you may be liable for damages and any injuries that occur due to the accident. And if that happens, your insurance premiums may increase.
Do you really want your employees off work and on workers comp?
The answer? You guessed it! A good preventative maintenance program!
Keep your employees safe, your customers happy, and your trucks on the road!
Call Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance and we will work with you to establish and manage a PM program