When Ultra-low sulfur diesel was introduced years ago, it cut the sulfur levels in diesel fuel by 97%. This reduced soot emissions from diesel vehicles by 10 % and we recognized an immediate “clean air benefit”. Reducing the sulfur content in diesel can be compared to removing the lead in gasoline (unleaded gas).

To put emissions in perspective, did you know that wildfires are the single largest contributor of fine particle emissions (43%) followed by dust from unpaved roads? Due to the introduction of
cleaner fuels, advanced engine technology and particulate filters diesel related emissions have
been cut by over 40%.

Experts say until the industry comes up with a battery that contains as much energy as a fuel tank the internal combustion engine “cannot go away anytime soon”. There is simply nothing that compares in relation to cost of ownership, availability of fuel, service and repair. In fact the industry is presently working on producing the cleanest internal combustion engine ever designed.

With so many headlines about electric vehicles and alternative fuels it’s easy to forget about diesel powered vehicles and their future. But indeed it appears as though there is a future, a cleaner one at that.