If you are like most of us, every day that your truck is down is a major pain,and expensive. Have you ever called the dealer or repair shop to check on your truck, only to be told, “Oh, your truck has been ready for 3 days, didn’t anybody call you?”

I read a new phrase last week when referring to communication. It’s called “Silo Mentality”. It means when one department doesn’t communicate with another department inside the same company. The problem arises in many cases when both departments are completing the exact same tasks but don’t realize it, because they aren’t talking to each other. Look inside your company to see if this phenomena exists.

In this day of constantly changing technology we are all expected to keep up with the latest media platforms and communication techniques. When texting first became available it was not allowed in many offices as it was thought to be used for personal reasons only. Now it’s almost essential for business communication in many industries and an accepted business practice. My point here is that communication techniques and platforms will constantly evolve. But they are no good to anyone unless they are used properly. Good communication begins with listening. When you connect with your customer for the first time, listen to them and figure out how they like to communicate: email, text, phone, whatever and implement a system based on their preference. Check back with them once in a while to see if this is still their preferred method of communication.

When used properly, communication could make the difference between you and your competition in the truck repair business, or any business! Be that company that communicates, it’ll pay off.