Like most of you, our business was caught by surprise when Covid struck. We downsized to survive our dip in business. We have been fortunate enough to have experienced an upturn and began looking for another Tech last month. After six weeks of advertising and reviewing over a hundred applications and resumes we found a very experienced Technician, made him an offer and he is now on board serving our customers.

Over the years Jennifer and I have hired countless drivers, staff and mechanics while in management positions in our “past life”. We were trained and assisted by professional HR managers. We like to think we know a thing or two about hiring. Some time back we found an assessment tool we now incorporate into our hiring process.This particular assessment is geared toward Diesel Technicians. The assessment attempts to measure behavioral traits that are inherent to the tech. It also measures some mechanical ability and then scores the Technicians overall performance. Once the assessment is completed we receive a rating from 1 (being the lowest) to 5 (being the highest). Our last hire took the assessment and received an overall rating of 4.

As we are primarily a mobile service provider, our Technicians play an extremely important role in our business. They represent and are the face of our business, out in front of our customers each day. Their appearance, skills, ability and behavior are on display and are being constantly scrutinized.

We feel very fortunate to have employed highly skilled and experienced Technicians that are able to diagnose and repair today’s sophisticated trucks and equipment. Please call us (909-270-4328) if we can help with any of your service needs, we look forward to working with you!