Earlier this year we made a decision to change our software platform. Admittedly this is always a disruption in business but we felt it would help us communicate better with our customers. As
you know many shops struggle when it comes to communicating with the customer.
Being a service business we constantly focus on bringing value to our customers through our
service and this change was in line with that thought process.

We went to a Heavy Duty Truck Repair Software called Fullbay. The short version of their story
goes like this: A software/finance guy got together with a diesel mechanic and Fullbay was born.
It’s a pretty inspiring story. I hate cliches but the software truly has allowed our shop to get to
the next level. Jennifer (my business partner) absolutely loves it and was quoted on Fullbay’s
website as an endorser.

Being our customer you benefit from Fullbay by receiving:

  • A login to your customer portal where we store all of your vehicle’s information.
  • Realtime pictures of the service or repairs we are performing.
  • An accurate, transparent invoice the same day your repair is completed.
  • A reminder when your vehicle is due for service or inspection.

As we evolve into this new technology we do so with our customer in mind. Our new software allows us to complete a solid repair and return your vehicle quickly and efficiently, time after

For your next service or repair give us a call at 909-270-4328. If you don’t know when your next service is due, please login to your customer portal.