The headline of today’s Press Enterprise article read “ Raging Blaze Blamed on Vehicle Exhaust”. Initially arson was suspected but as the investigation unfolds it was determined that the fire was started by a diesel vehicle. At this point that’s all the information we have on the vehicle.

26,850 acres lost, 7800 residents displaced, 2300 firefighters on the scene, 7% containment. The numbers are grim. Federal, State and County agencies are involved. The AQMD has issued a smoke advisory. The Apple fire has also caused a COVID testing center to be relocated.

According to CAL FIRE there is no description of the vehicle however there are “multiple independent witnesses”. If this investigation mirrors the Valley Fire (also started by a vehicle) the authorities will locate the vehicle and the owner. Odds are once the vehicle is located a complete inspection will be conducted on the vehicle. Maintenance records may be reviewed to determine if the vehicle has been properly maintained. The investigation will focus on the exhaust system as hot particles from the exhaust are said to have ignited brush in multiple

The question comes to mind if the vehicle and exhaust system was properly serviced and maintained could all of this been avoided? The article states the vehicle malfunctioned and small particles emitted through the exhaust system that are extremely hot. Give us a call at 909-270-4328 and Inland Empire Fleet Maintenance will give your vehicle a complete inspection to be sure this doesn’t happen to your vehicle!